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Cost of New Gutters

Gutters are crucial to keeping water away from your home.

Without working gutters, it wouldn’t take long for water to seep into the walls and foundation of your home and create all kinds of problems, including rot, mold, and even flooding ? all of which can cost serious amount of money to repair. If your gutters are not redirecting the water away from your house properly, you will need to install new gutters. The cost of gutters depends on the type you buy, and the average home will need about 150 to 200 linear feet of gutters and downspouts.
Typical Costs for New Gutters (Including Professional Installation)

  • Aluminum Gutters — These commonly used, inexpensive gutters will cost you about $4 to $7 per linear foot. These come in a plethora of colors; you can even get aluminum gutters in a copper color, giving you the look of new copper for a fraction of the cost.
  • Vinyl or PVC Gutters ? Best used on homes located in warm climates, since they tend to crack over time in cold weather, vinyl or plastic gutters are the cheapest at just $3 – $6 per linear foot.
  • Copper Gutters — At $15 – $30 per linear foot, corrosion-resistant copper is the most expensive material used to make gutters. Some people find it worth the extra money to have the durability and the architectural look that copper gutters add to a home. Copper gutters will turn green over time with oxidation. This process, called ?patina,? can be sped up with a chemical treatment or slowed down by adding a sealant. Most people choose to let the oxidation process happen naturally, as it is low-maintenance, and the patina coating actually makes the copper stronger.
  • Steel Gutters — More expensive than aluminum or vinyl, but more durable and better for inclement weather, steel gutters are priced at $9 to $12 per linear foot.
  • Wood Gutters — Wooden gutters are also at the top of the spectrum in price at $12 to $20 per linear foot. They provide a very organic, yet custom, look, but they do require more maintenance than other gutter materials, which is why you don’t see them very often.

Low-End Estimate for Professionally Installed Gutters

  • Starting at $3 per square foot, vinyl gutters are the least expensive gutters.
  • Next in line are aluminum gutters, which start at $4 a linear foot.
  • Open gutter systems generally start at $5.50 per linear foot.
  • Gutter guard systems that come with lifetime clog-free warranties typically start at $10 per linear foot.

High-End Estimate for Professionally Installed Gutters

  • Open gutter systems may cost up to at $12 per linear foot.
  • Gutter guard systems that come with lifetime clog-free warranties can run as much as $25 per linear foot.
  • Copper gutters are the most expensive by far at up to $30 per linear foot.

Do-It-Yourself Help with Gutter Installation

  • Thinking of replacing those gutters on your own?
  • Gutters come in two types: sectional gutters and seamless gutters. Sectional gutters are easier to install, so they’re good for do-it-yourselfers, but they can leak. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, won’t leak as much (they may have seams at the corners), but they do need to be installed by professionals who will use a special machine to shape the gutters to fit your home.
  • Like the look of old copper, but don’t want to wait for the process to happen naturally? Read this article if you’d like to learn how to speed up the patina process on your copper gutters.

Extra Info and Costs Associated with Gutter Installation

  • Downspouts — An essential accompaniment to gutters, downspouts will cost approximately $5 per linear foot to $12 per linear foot.
  • Gutter Guards — If you plan to have gutter guards installed, they will run you anywhere from $1 per foot to $20 per foot, plus installation, which will cost you about $250. Some custom-designed guards systems can cost $1,500 to $3,500.
  • Gutter Screens — There are a variety of products that deflect or redirect debris to keep it from clogging your gutters, allowing more water to flow away from your house. Ask your professional installer about the cost of adding screens.
  • Old Gutters — It may cost extra to take down your old gutters and throw them away, so be sure to ask your contractor if that is included in the price quote or not. It usually costs around $100 extra. Of course, if you do it yourself, it will only cost you your time.
  • Heating Elements — If you live in an area where the temperature often drops below zero, you should think about adding heat tape (or another heating product) to prevent ice build-up and blockage.
  • Shapes & Sizes — Gutters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and what you choose will affect the cost. Ask your contractor what type he thinks is best for your home and what the different prices are. To see the different types of gutters in person, check out your local hardware store.
  • If you’re replacing your roof, that’s a great time to replace the gutters also, and it will likely work out to be cheaper to do it all at once.

Expert Advice

Gutter Professionals suggest that consumers always do their homework and research the companies they are considering for their gutter replacement. Places they recommend for research are the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and They also suggest getting advice from your contractor on the best system for your house, as there are many types of gutter systems available.

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