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Roof replacement. The homeowner had an older metal roof.  We removed the existing roof and added OC TruDef Duration shingles with SureNail Strip.

This Is The Before Image Before The Makeover Began

  1. 1
    Metal removed and OSB added for shingles

    Once the metal roof was removed we need to nail sheathing to the roof so that we could proceed with the felt and shingles.

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  2. 2
    OC ProArmor is durable,repels water,safe

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  3. 3
    Ridge vent allows proper ventilation

    Proper ventilation is very important to your roof.  It allows the attic to breathe and prevents the shingles from baking.

    Ridge vent allows proper ventilation


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  4. 4
    Proper stagger prevents roof leaks

    Proper stagger and straight rows of shingles not only make the roof look great but help prevent leaks.

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