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Our customer had the roof installed by another company and had gutter guards installed as well. The gutter guards installation caused damage to the edges of the roof. We were hired to repair the edges of the roof.  The homeowner was very pleased with our work and customer service.

Old Gutter Guard Metal Left Under Shingles

  1. 1
    Old Gutter Helmet Metal Left

    Old gutter helmet metal gets left underneath the new shingles. This made the shingles weak and wavy at the edge of the roof.

    Old Gutter Helmet Metal Left

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  2. 2
    New Roof Looks Great Besides Edges

    New Roof Looks Great New Roof Looks Great

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    Customer Testimonial!!!

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    Starter Shingles are Upside Down

    Couple things here, these edges of the roof get the most abuse. The starter shingles need to glue to the dimensional shingles. Cant happen when the starter shingles are upside down or backward. The metal left from the old gutter guards is also a big problem.

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