Downspout Straps

It is important that the downspouts that run down the length of the house be fastened securely so they do not blow off in the wind.

Downspout Straps 1

Flat Downspout Strap

Downspout Straps 2

Circular Downspout Strap

Downspout Straps 3

A Traditional Aluminum Downspout Bracket

The pieces used to secure them in place are called various names including straps, brackets, clips and pipe bands. They are made of the same material at the gutters they are being installed on. Since gutters can be made of various types of metal there is a variance in metal types for straps as well. Popular options include aluminum, copper and galvanized steel to name a few.


The design of these pieces can vary from plain to intricate. They typically wrap around three sides of the downspout and are nailed on each side to the siding. There are some designs that wrap all the way around the downspout meeting in the back of the downspout and being secured by one screw.

Downspout Straps 4

Ornate Versions of Downspout Brackets

Downspout Straps 5

Downspout Zip Screw. Colored to Match the Downspout

The type of screw can be anything between 5mm and 25mm zip screw and can also be either a round head or countersunk. The type of bracket used for a project partly depends on if the gutter is square or round, the rest is mostly determined by aesthetic desires.

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