Splash Guards

Splash guards for gutters are designed to prevent water from splashing up and out of the gutter at points that have a high volume of fast waterflow. In the picture below we can see a splash guard positioned in front of the end of a valley.

Splash Guards 1

Gutter Splash Guard

Roofs are pitched at an angle to direct water down into the valley and from there the water travels at a high rate of velocity towards the gutter. Without a splash guard that water would likely hit the gutter and instead of turning at an angle and running down the length of the gutter it would instead continue its momentum in the same direction it has been traveling and straight over the gutter onto the ground and into your foundation.

Splash Guards 2

Water Flowing Over a Gutter

Since the splash guards are designed to stand up above the gutter it is recommended that they be painted the same color as the gutters, to try and help prevent them from being to apparent. The majority of these guards are made of aluminum and secured with screws. Which does make it possible to offer a variety of color options.

Splash Guards 3

Gutter Splash Guard Color Options

Gutter Splash guards are easy to install and only take about 20 minutes in total. A small lip on the splash guard is tucked into the gutter like a jigsaw puzzle. Next rivets or screws are used to fastened the splash guard to the gutter. For additional reinforcement a silicone bead can be added to the splash guard.

In short a splash guard can be placed anywhere where there is a high volume of water. While these areas tend to be valleys as previously mentioned, this can also include areas where downspouts drop water from a higher level on the house down to a lower level, or even at gutter end cap points where water can gather excessively if the downspout opening is not that large. If you are in doubt about where you need a splash guard wait for a solid rain and watch where your water flows the heaviest and moves the slowest, these are the best areas to protect.

Splash Guards 4

Installing Splash Guard Pop Rivets

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