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Answer to a Question We Often Asked

Will a New Roof REALLY add value to my home? Homeowners don’t give their roof very much though until there’s trouble.  A roof is one of the …

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Litespeed Construction Does More Than Install Shingles

Did you know Litespeed Construction, Asheville, North Carolina’s premier roofing contractor does more than install shingles?  We can also help homeowners with color and style. A roof is a …

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KeepingYour Roofing Crews Sustainable with the Right Tools

First, the right tools can help prevent injuries on the job. Some tools can reduce the amount of individual effort required to complete a task …

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What Protects the First Crew Member on the Roof?

During a recent Internet survey of roofing contractors working in the United States, 81 out of the first 100 websites viewed included photographs of roofers without …

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Beat the Heat with Cool Roof Coatings

We’re in the hot summer months and trying to keep cool. That means we typically wear white or light clothes because we know a black …

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Get Your Gutters Ready for Fall

Inspecting your gutters on a regular basis is essential to maintaining the life of your system and the entire home exterior. However, many homeowners neglect …

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