Leak Repair at Bay Window Valley in Asheville NC

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We will start this job by removing the old shingles and replacing them with new shingles. In addition, we will add ice and water in a valley and warranty this repair for one year. Litespeed construction is very comfortable with repairing and replacing valleys.

Our owner will be very happy because this roof leak will be warranted and he should not have any more problems with it. In some instances where storms have damaged the shingles either by wind or hail, the lack of matching shingles can be a case for total roof replacement rather than repair. But in this case, the repair has been done on the back side of the roof, where no one will see it except for helicopters. This allows the homeowner to get a longer life out of their roof while avoiding a costly and time-consuming full roof replacement. Litespeed Construction likes to approach our jobs from the customer’s perspective and avoid extra work when not necessary. This helps the customer achieve the result they need to be whole again without putting extra time and cost into the project.

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