Victor Canela

Victor is a Project Manager at Litespeed Construction. As of 2021, Victor is 27 years old — the youngest member of the Litespeed team. Victor is strong on experience, though. He moved from Long Beach, CA (where he was raised) to Knoxville, TN 6 years ago. He put in the effort and worked his way […]

Fred Russi

Fred is the General Manager at the Knoxville, TN office. Originally from Sevierville, TN, Fred now takes care of the frontlines for Litespeed’s Knoxville, TN office and helps with sales from time to time in the Asheville, NC office. Fred is an accomplished roofer, and shows talent when it comes to understanding the unique needs of our customers. Fred […]

Kirby Smith

kirby card Asheville blue

Kirby Smith is the owner of Litespeed Construction and our Team Leader. Kirby is the founder of Litespeed Construction. Originally an Alabama native, he moved to Knoxville in 2011. His background includes a degree in engineering from Auburn University and over 10 years of experience in roofing construction and sales. He holds licenses in Civil Engineering […]