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Asheville roof replacement

Will a New Roof REALLY add value to my home?

Homeowners don’t give their roof very much though until there’s trouble.  A roof is one of the biggest factors in home resale value. Recent research has shown that roof replacement increases the value of a home by a national average of $12,000. The return on investment is an average of 62.9%.

Who knew a roof has that much effect on the value of your home?  Purchasing a new roof can be intimidating but let’s examine the facts and see why a new roof is so important.

Shingle Technology is Evolving – More attractive and more durable shingles are available and new technology is constantly appearing in the market making roofing replacement even more advantageous.  Asphalt shingles are among the most popular and durable and provide curb appeal. Architectural-grade or dimensional shingles are available in a wide variety of colors and textures. GAF even makes a shingle that achieves the look of rustic slate with the options available to you. Not to mention, the 50-year shingle warranties available are much better than the 25 to 30-year warranties of yesteryear.

New shingles can also provide a huge improvement in the cooling department. Roofing replacement gets rid of any holes that cooled air may have been seeping through. The home will be much more comfortable and less expensive to cool with the elimination of shingles that were in serious need of roof repair.

Call Litespeed Construction at (828) 505-6051, Asheville’s premier roofing company to learn more about the evolution of roofing shingles.  We can show you shingles even come with an Energy Star rating because they are designed to reflect solar heat. If you want to take energy savings one step further, solar shingles can be installed. This is a much more attractive option than solar panels while still providing the same amount of energy. Incorporating solar energy takes home value to the next level.

Also, keep in mind, most people entering the housing market are looking for a new home with curb appeal.  Many prospective buyers search for homes online and can scroll through hundreds of photos.  Don’t let a broken-down-looking roof hinder the marketability of your home and cause it to be glossed over.   A new roof has a better warranty and can put money back in your pocket with energy savings; more marketing points when selling your home.


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