Litespeed Construction Does More Than Install Shingles

Color Roofing Litespeed Construction

Did you know Litespeed Construction, Asheville, North Carolina’s premier roofing contractor does more than install shingles?  We can also help homeowners with color and style. A roof is a big part of a home’s curb appeal, and enhancing your real estate with a new roof that is coordinated with other outdoor components can bring your home together for a complete, designed look. Here is a list of 10 style tips we share with our homeowners as we update their roof.

  1. Landscaping. Update landscaping by planting colorful flower beds.  Color is key when updating flower beds, so it’s great to take into consideration the colors that surround the exterior of your home, like your roof and shingle color. If you have an outdoor color story with your cushions and pillows already established, you might want to consider a complementary color in planting your flower beds; for a more subtle look, try tonal colors that keep in line with your color scheme.
  2. Hardscaping. Add fire pits and/or outdoor kitchens as entertaining focal points. Family fun now extends to the outdoors and we are seeing creative outdoor kitchens and fire pit seating to keep us outdoors longer.
  3.  Patterns and Prints. Add patterns and prints to outdoor seating areas (extending the indoors, outdoors). There’s no better way to add your own special style to the outdoors than through prints and patterns. It’s affordable, easy to update, and always adds a spark of personality to your style.
  4.  Outdoor Lighting. Outdoor lighting brings ambiance to your yard at night. Extending time outdoors had never been this stylish with so many outdoor lighting choices. Try stringing lights together or even add a focal chandelier.
  5.  Front Door. Update the color of your front door. A fun and relatively easy update to any home is refreshing the color of your front door, as it adds a quick style update to your curb appeal.
  6.  House Numbers. Put up new hardware and house numbers on the door. Here is where you can be creative and add numbers to fence posts, rock gardens, brick columns, and front doors using many innovative materials and colors.
  7.  Potting Plants. Place potting plants on the porch to add quick color accents. There’s nothing like having portable color that you can change daily if you desire, both in flower color and flower pot style.
  8. Fountains and Water. Feature water fountains to create a Zen area for relaxing. Water features like table fountains, bird baths, and pond and pool waterfalls are mesmerizing and relaxing.
  9.  Outdoor Rugs. Outdoor rugs add style and fashion to any area.  Today, there are so many outdoor rug choices both in colors and patterns, so have fun when choosing your personal style.
  10.  Fences and Foliage. Prioritize privacy by rethinking fences and foliage to block a neighbor’s yard. Be creative when considering natural screening by using foliage that blooms in beautiful colors. Your natural screen does not only have to be evergreen; try wisteria or lilacs for colorful updates that drape nicely over fencing.

Shingle color and style can help influence other parts of your outdoor space. Take a look at the GAF Style Guide for more great tips.

Adapted from GAF’s Pro Blog

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