Are Shingle Roofs Or Metal Roofs Better In Asheville NC?

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When it comes to roofing options for homes and buildings in Asheville, North Carolina, two of the most popular options are shingle roofs and metal roofs. Both have their own unique set of benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to consider them carefully before making a decision. Shingle roofs, which are made from asphalt, […]

Fast Repairs On Commercial Roofs With Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings, like those offered by Aldo, are a cost-effective and efficient solution for protecting and extending the life of commercial roofs. These coatings are applied directly to the surface of the roof and provide a variety of benefits for building owners and managers. Energy efficiency: One of the most significant benefits of commercial […]

Modern Skylights & What to Expect

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Velux Skylights bring you a one-on-one interview featuring Kirby Smith from Litespeed Construction and Waymon Castle from Velux Skylights. Modern skylights are leak proof and can be automated using a smart phone. Learn more about skylights and what to expect when adding a skylight to your home.

Answer to a Question We Often Asked

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Will a New Roof REALLY add value to my home? Homeowners don’t give their roof very much though until there’s trouble.  A roof is one of the biggest factors in home resale value. Recent research has shown that roof replacement increases the value of a home by a national average of $12,000. The return on investment is […]

Litespeed Construction Does More Than Install Shingles

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Did you know Litespeed Construction, Asheville, North Carolina’s premier roofing contractor does more than install shingles?  We can also help homeowners with color and style. A roof is a big part of a home’s curb appeal, and enhancing your real estate with a new roof that is coordinated with other outdoor components can bring your home together for a […]

KeepingYour Roofing Crews Sustainable with the Right Tools

Sustainable Roofing

First, the right tools can help prevent injuries on the job. Some tools can reduce the amount of individual effort required to complete a task and reduce the risk of strain to muscles, tendons, and joints. Some tools allow individual workers to handle heavy roofing materials that otherwise might lead to back injuries. Examples of […]

What Protects the First Crew Member on the Roof?


During a recent Internet survey of roofing contractors working in the United States, 81 out of the first 100 websites viewed included photographs of roofers without any type of fall protection or prevention equipment. In roofing, “free climbing” operations essentially indicate the employer’s lack of any concern for worker safety. Of all construction-related deaths between 1995 […]

Beat the Heat with Cool Roof Coatings

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We’re in the hot summer months and trying to keep cool. That means we typically wear white or light clothes because we know a black shirt will absorb the heat. The same is true for a commercial building: a cool covering for a roof reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat from the sun into the […]

Get Your Gutters Ready for Fall

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Inspecting your gutters on a regular basis is essential to maintaining the life of your system and the entire home exterior. However, many homeowners neglect this duty, not trusting their own judgment as to what calls for immediate action (repair). Priority concerns that may be obvious to some may not be so to others. Today […]

A Short History of EPDM

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First introduced in 1962, EPDM single-ply roofing membranes became increasingly popular in the 1970s as the Middle East oil embargo drove up the price of asphalt-based roofs and lowered the quality of available asphalt. EPDM was cost-effective and simple to install, and quickly became known for its exceptional hail resistance, UV stability, and weathering resistance […]

An Explanation of Roof Algae

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The spring and summer seasons are a time when homeowners start to notice unsightly dark stains on their roofs that they sometimes call fungus. While it could be from dirt or bad shingles, the most common cause is blue-green algae that can affect the appearance of a home. I will share with you a couple […]

Do Reflective Roofs in North America Make Sense?

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Cool roofs reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the air conditioning load on buildings. Membranes for commercial roofs often have reflectivities of 75 to 80 percent, or 0.75 to 0.80 SR, which means only 20 to 25 percent of the sun’s energy is absorbed into the roof. For many areas, cool roofing is a clear win […]

How Hail Affects Roofing Shingles

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Weather can be unpredictable, and turbulent weather—especially hail—can damage shingles.  Contractors should explain to homeowners how hail can affect shingles and what they should watch out for. Homeowners should also review their warranties to determine whether it provides any coverage for hail damage. Here are some answers to common questions regarding hail damage. Is damage […]

Three Tab Shingles vs Architectural Shingles

3 Tab Vs Architectural

When it’s time for a new roof, the first thing you’ll want to do research reputable, local roofing contractors. Once you have narrowed your search down and received a few quotes, you’ll notice they usually have a couple of pricing tiers listed, and the higher ones will feature architectural shingles as opposed to standard three tab […]

Hail Damage


Insurance companies are covering claims for hail damaged roofs. Once hail hits the roof, the protective granules are knocked off at the point of strike, and these damaged areas are the sources of roof leaks in the future, if the roof is not fixed within a few years. The roof does not leak immediately. It […]

Solar Shingles: Get Solar Power Without Changing Your Roofline

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Solar shingles are a new way of getting electricity out of your roof. Thin-film photovoltaic cells are being designed to double as roof shingles, thus turning sunlight into electricity that can power your home or be sold back to your utility company. Few power-generating technologies have as little impact on the environment as photovoltaics. When […]

What Homeowners Expect from the Roofing Process

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When it comes to roof installation and repairs, we understand that the process doesn’t always go exactly according to plan. Significant damages, less than stellar working environments, and disgruntled homeowners can change what is meant to be a simple process in a matter of minutes. Take one of these job-complicating factors out of the mix […]

Vinyl Siding vs. Fiber Cement: Which is Right for Your Home?

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Choosing the right siding material for your home is a decision that’s based on many factors, from good looks to cost. But as you’re weighing the options, don’t ignore important considerations like durability and ease of maintenance. You want good looks that last! Choosing the cladding material for the exterior of your home involves the […]

7 Things You Need to Know About Asphalt Roofing

Of all the roofing choices offered for your residence, asphalt is by far the most prominent. An approximated 80 % of all American residences are developed with asphalt roof shingles due to their performance, in addition to their price. But too many homeowners do not understand that not all asphalt shingles are developed equivalent. Without […]

Pros and Cons of Gutter Guards

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Cleaning gutters is no fun at all! However, not everyone agrees that gutter guards are worth the cost, time, and effort to get them installed.  If you want to spend less time cleaning your gutters, gutter guards are definitely worth considering. Just don’t expect that they will be maintenance free. Some debris will inevitably collect […]

Which Home Improvements Pay Off?

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In the first year my husband and I lived in our house, we spent almost $20,000 on home improvements. When we set that money aside at the beginning of the year, we dreamed about granite counters and steam showers; what we ended up with was a new furnace, new gutters, a drainage system to keep […]